Dr. Ir. Johan Pouwelse

Researcher on Peer-to-Peer technology at Delft University of Technology. Measured numerous P2P systems. During these measurement we discovered weaknesses of existing P2P systems. We have created an new P2P system called Tribler. With a team of 18 full-time researcher we are continously improving Tribler. Funding is provided by the Dutch national I-Share project and the EU project P2P-Fusion.

my e-mail address is j.a.pouwelse AT tudelft.nl, feel free to contact me. (A. K. A. Peer2Peer AT GMail )


At Delft we conducted a large measurement of Bittorrent/SuprNova.org, which used to be the market leader in the distribution of copyrighted works. The implications of the findings where presented in Washington at the Federal Trade Commission hearing on P2P file sharing, which was mandated by US congress. This study also reached The Register and Slashdot. On 19 December 2004 it went down, see the Suprnova.org shutdown message here. Days after SuprNova went down I was interviewed for Radio 1 about this topic (in dutch).

The BBC asked me some questions in Jan 2005 about the hyped eXeem P2P file sharing program. eXeem turned out to be a failure due to the inclusion of spyware and content pollution.

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Ph.D. Thesis:

J.A. Pouwelse, "Power Management for Portable Devices", Delft University of Technology, 20 Oct 2003 (4.4 MByte .pdf)

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